The realization of this project implies the mobilization of a team with specific and complementary competences, that guarantee the accomplishment of the activities of efficient and effective way.

The project teams bring together a set of human resources with consolidated academic and technical training and experience, with emphasis on: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Robotics, Computer Engineering, Computer Sciences, Information Technologies and Systems, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering , Machine Learning, Human-Machine Interfaces, Simulation, Development of Serious Games, Virtual Reality, Occupational Therapy, Orthopedics, Physiotherapy, and Health Technologies.

The five entities will be practically involved in the development of all the Project's Activities. However, in view of the differentiation of their competences and experiences, the contribution of each in some areas stands out, namely:

Analysis of Ethical, Social and Data Protection Issues;
Development of the Central Framework Module, Input Modalities, Multimodal Interface and Interface Adaptation Module;
Functional tests;
Final System Integration;
Technological disclosure;

In-depth study and information sharing on Assistive Technologies, Wheelchairs and Input Systems;
Support in the development of Framework Hardware;
Functional and User Tests;
Results Analysis and Final System Configuration; Technological dissemination.

Development of Simulator, Virtual Reality and Serious Games;
Simulator and Games Functional Tests;
Simulator and Games Tests with User;
Technological disclosure.

Global Analysis of Technical and Functional System Requirements and Technical Specifications;
Development of the Hardware and Software for the Framework, the Central Module, the Interface Adaptation Module and the Planning, Navigation and Control Algorithms;
Prototype Design and Development;
Technical and scientific disclosure.

Specification of FrameWork Intellwheels and Their Interfaces;
Development of the Framework Hardware, the Central Framework Module and the Sensing and Mapping Algorithms;
Development of the Prototype Link with the Intellwheels Framework.