In-depth study and information sharing on Assistive Technologies, Wheelchairs and Input Systems. Support in the development of Framework Hardware. Functional and User Tests. Results Analysis and Final System Configuration; Technological dissemination.

It is a company dedicated to the development, adaptation and supply of customized rehabilitation and positioning solutions to maximize the quality of life, accessibility and socio-cultural integration of people with special needs.

Carlos Bastos
Marketing Technician and Computer Technician - Network Installation and Management. Currently, he is Financial Director at RehaPoint, where he manages and controls the company's financial and accounting, as well as coordinating the logistics and after-sales teams. It also carries out project management and investment projection. In addition, he has built a career as a computer park manager and technician in the same infrastructures. Throughout these activities, he worked for companies in different sectors such as BASINTEL, MUNDIMOTOR, INFOPORTUGAL, Grupo RAR and NASAMOTOR.

Tiago Granja
He has a degree in Occupational Therapy at the School of Health Technology of Porto (2006). He complemented his academic qualifications with several courses / seminars, highlighting the “Seminar on Emerging Technologies in Education and Rehabilitation”. With over 15 years of experience in Occupational Therapy, he gained skills in the various institutions he collaborated with: Hospital da Prelada; Psychiatry Service of Hospital S. João; MAPADI; Rehabilitation Service of Hospital Magalhães Lemos; Medical Pedagogish Institute in Belgium; Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of the Mentally Disabled Citizen; Vertical Mape; and Mobilitec. At RehaPoint he is an Occupational Therapist as a positioning specialist, monitoring and evaluating the acquisition of positioning and rehabilitation systems. It also has advantages in the intervention with children and adults with profound and severe mental disabilities, early intervention by the Integration Unit in Kindergarten, and collaborator in the European project: “Mentorship Competencies for the Education of the Disabled (MENCODIS)”, which was part of the "Ação Grundtvig 2", of the "Programa Sócrates".

Pablo Etchegoyen
He has a degree in Orthopedics from the School of Health Technology of Lisbon (2013), and is also qualified as a Senior Technician in Hotel and Gastronomic Business Administration by CENCAP Buenos Aires (1999). Additionally, he complemented his education with training courses such as “Elaboration of Technical Aids in Plaster for Child Positioning” (Valencia, 2013) and “Trainer of Trainers” (Madrid, 2014). At RehaPoint he is a specialist technician in positioning where he carries out evaluations and monitoring of support, rehabilitation and positioning product processes.

Bruno Pedroso
He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Higher School of Industrial and Management Studies of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (2011), complemented by a Technical Course on Electricity and Maintenance and a Training Course for Trainers. Professionally, he worked as an electrical and maintenance technician at the industrial level, a mechanical engineer, training young people and carrying out educational projects focused on new technologies, head of the logistics team, among others. At RehaPoint, he heads the logistics and technical assistance departments in the area of ​​rehabilitation and positioning. He has skills / competences in AutoCad, SolidWorks and management systems such as SAGE, SAP and PHC, as well as in pneumatics, mechanics, electricity and electronics.

Luís Santos
He has a degree in Physiotherapy from the Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde do Porto (2016), with a final project in the area of ​​pediatrics entitled “Immediate Effects of Horse Riding for Therapeutic Purposes on Postural Control of the Trunk associated with the Reach Movement (distant target) in Children with Neuromotor Changes ”. Carried out internships in different and reputable health units, namely: Pediatric neurology at the Cerebral Palsy Port; Thoracic surgery at Hospital de São João; Rehabilitation in oncological context at the Porto IPO; and Cardiorespiratory rehabilitation at the UCC of Leça da Palmeira, all with very positive evaluations.