The Intellwheels 2.0 project aims to investigate and develop the Intelligent Wheelchair (CRI) concept with an emphasis on creating a framework/kit that allows applying this concept to different types of conventional electric Wheelchairs and separating this framework/kit from the system to which it is applied.

It also aims to completely separate the user interface from the controlled system by creating a multimodal user interface, completely customizable and adaptable to different types of users and equipment. The interface will allow you to control not only the CRI, but also other systems such as serious games in the context of a realistic CRI simulator. To validate this simulator, three different serious games will be built that can be played with the Multimodal Interface, allowing you to learn and train CRI driving and related tasks, with all the comfort and safety.
Thus, the objective of the project is to create a fully functional CRI prototype based on a generic framework/kit and a complete multimodal interface. The products and prototypes to be developed with emphasis on the framework/kit, the multimodal interface, the simulator, the serious games and the CRI prototype, have a high potential for national dissemination and in international markets and other types of applications.