Marco No.  Tarefa No. Delivery date​ Landmark Title​ Means of Verification
M1.1 T1.1 08/2022 Project Completed E1.1
M2.1 T2.1-2.8 02/2020 Consolidation of technical and scientific knowledge in the project areas E1.2
M2.2 T2.10 02/2020 Completion of Technical and Functional System Requirements E1.3,E1.4
M3.1 T3.1 05/2020 Completion of the Intellwheels Framework Specification E3.1,E3.2
M3.2 T3.6 02/2022 Completion of Intellwheels Framework Development E3.3
M4.1 T4.1 05/2020 Completion of Espesification of the Multimodal Interface E4.1
M4.2 T4.5 02/2022 Completion of the Multimodal Interface and its Sub-Systems E4.2
M5.1 T5.1 05/2020 Simulator Specification and Serious Games E5.1
M5.2 T5.5 02/2022 Completion of the Simulator and Serious Games development E5.2
M6.1 T6.1 11/2020 Completion of the Prototype Specification E6.1
M6.2 T6.5 02/2022 Completion of Prototype Construction and Integration with other Systems E6.1
M7.1 T7.1 02/2022 Final Evaluation Planning Completion E7.1
M7.2 T7.5 08/2022 Conclusion of the Final Evaluation of the System E7.2
M8.1 T8.1-8.2 08/2022 Finalization of Promotion and Dissemination Activities E8.1,E8.2,E8.3,E8.4,E8.5